An ecological campsite in Dordogne

Our small family campsite in Dordogne is located in the heart of the nature of the Périgord Noir, far from the road and pollution, in the Vézère valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So that future generations can still enjoy these awe-inspiring landscapes, we must all take action to protect the environment.

Here are the actions implemented:


Most of our moves in the campsite are made on foot or by bicycle. We do not have an electric cart to accompany you to your pitch, or to your rental.
As the campsite is on a human scale, we encourage you to move around without a car.

Waste management

On your arrival at the campsite, we will give you for the duration of your stay:

  • a compost bucket for your food preparation waste or leftover food. This compost is then used for the vegetable garden. You can also give your leftover food to farm animals
  • a basket for recyclable waste

A container for recycling glass is also present on the campsite.

For maximum waste recovery, we put all the means at your disposal, but this cannot be done without your active participation. We are counting on you !

  • Camping écologique Dordogne

Water Management

The taps and showers of our sanitary facilities are equipped with timers.
The vegetable garden and green spaces are watered with a non-potable water circuit.

Electricity management

The majority of the bulbs of the campsite are low consumption (LED). The exterior lighting is equipped with a timer, the aisles are lit by solar lighting. The lights of the 2 sanitary blocks are equipped with timers or presence detectors.
The lights in front of the reception are solar.

The vegetable garden

Farm animals provide the necessary amendments.

Watering is done with a non-potable water circuit and the vegetables are “mulched” to limit losses by evaporation.

Depending on the season and the production, you can enjoy our tasty vegetables, and rediscover the taste of a ripe tomato picked a few minutes before being tasted.

Although we do not have “organic” certification, the vegetables are produced according to these specifications.

The farm

Our suckler cow farming is extensive, the cows are grazing all year round, and feed exclusively on grass, hay, and cereals produced directly on the farm. Cereals are also used to feed poultry.